Reach and Reiki



At Reach And Reiki we work to bring only the most comprehensive, holistic healing to the community. We believe that healing, healthy living, and happiness should be affordable and accessible. We practice to bridge the gap between east and west, internal and external, mind and body.

We help our clients understand the way they move, the way they think, and the way that their body works on a chemical and spiritual level.

We teach with empathy, offering support and dedication treating trauma, eating disorders, physical injury and pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, auto-immune disorders, and so much more.

Combining different therapy techniques, spiritual practices, nutrition, and various workouts, Reach and Reiki creates personalized, tailored, and custom treatment plans for every client, ensuring that personal goals and needs are met. We offer time, safety, and space to develop your practice - every thing from power pilates to restorative yoga to meditation to reiki, our sessions are entirely centered around you.