Reach and Reiki

Class Schedule

Our classes are fun, interactive, and create space to be open, playful, and connected.


Reach and Reiki Classes and Public Schedule


Duration: 120 Min

Enjoy this energy refresher: settle in for 120 minutes of energetic pampering and healing. You will walk away transformed and rejuvenated. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. Reiki works to clear out any negative energy stored within the physical body and to release past emotions, traumas, heartbreak, and pain. Reiki has been proven effective in treating anxiety, depression, panic, and is indicated for relief from pregnancy discomforts, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, injury, insomnia, and many concerns. Reiki is noninvasive, gentle, and peaceful. Sign up today.



Duration: 60 Min

All levels

All your favorites in one 60 minute class! Be prepared to strengthen and stretch your entire body in this engaging and sweaty full body workout. You're sure to leave feeling empowered, accomplished, and like the bad-ass you already are. Classes are fun and interactive. All levels are welcome and invited. Mat rental available.


Healing Yoga

Duration: 60 Min

All levels

Yoga is so much more than just a physical asana. Yoga has the potential to cleanse to body of unwanted energy, release chakra blockages, and to provide clarifying peace of mind. Enjoy 60 minutes of dedicated poses that are guaranteed to release negativity and wash away unnecessary stress, tension, and anxiety. This vinyasa class mixes hatha, asthanga, and restorative tradition. Reiki, aromatherapy, crystal healing, and sound therapy integrate to offer a total energetic healing hour. All levels are welcome and encouraged. Mat rental available.

Reach Power Flow

Duration: 60 minutes

All levels

Ready to blow off some steam and work your entire body? Join us for 60 minutes of yoga work! Classes are fun and interactive, working towards advanced asana, and are designed to increase core strength, foundational strength, and make you sweat. Set to upbeat music and filled with energetic and inviting vinyasa flows, Reach Power Flow is a workout for your mind, energy, and especially for your physical body. Some yoga experience required – classes are fast paced and it is beneficial to have familiarity with yoga vernacular. Mat rental available.


Reiki Meditation

Duration: 30 min

All levels

Allow 30 minutes of guided mediation, centered on one chakra, to wash over you like a dream. You will be guided into a beautiful and relaxing meditation and offered the healing benefits of Reiki. Prepare to feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and healed. Classes include reiki, aromatherapy, crystal healing, and sound therapy. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

Haley teaches multiple public classes throughout NYC and the surrounding boroughs. Come visit!


  • mONDAYs AND wednesdays - POWER YOGA @ 7:30pm

Sign up at Bodhi fitness center or on Classpass.


  • Mondays - Vinyasa Stretch @ 12pm

  • Tuesdays - Mindful Yoga @ 12pm


  • Tuesdays - Pilates Barre Fusion @ 7pm

    Elite Amenities

  • Fridays - Barre Sculpt @ 8:15am

  • Sundays - Vinyasa Yoga @ 11:30am