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What if I’m not a dancer? And is barre just for girls?


Do I have to be a dancer?

Barre classes are total body workouts that use free weights, resistance bands, and body weight to sculpt, stretch, tone, and strengthen your body.

Derived from ballet, barre workouts are comprehensive and deceivingly intense! Small, precise movements make barre easily accessible and MODIFIABLE to accommodate pregnancy, injury, and just about any condition, age, or limitation.

No prior dance experience required! In fact, it’s easier to start from the ground up to develop safe alignment and train your body. We can guarantee your muscles will shake but your confidence will soar!

Don’t let these stock photos fool you, BARRE IS FOR EVERY BODY! It doesn’t matter if you’re the fittest in the room or if you’ve never worked out a day in your life, barre is welcoming, inclusive, and benefits every soul, mind, spirit, and beautiful booty!

Reach and Reiki focuses on strength, determination, and joy. We do not push unhealthy behaviors for aesthetics and will always encourage healthy and protective alignment. Injury results from bad form or from pushing too hard. Embrace the journey, love where you’re currently at, and enjoy your workout - the body will follow in due time.